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G925 headphones

G925 headphones

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 Frequency response range: 20000 (Hz)

Impedance: 50 (Ω)
Sensitivity: 11 (dB)
Distortion rate: 1 (%)
Wire length: 2 (m)
Horn diameter: 30 (Φmm)
Uses: computer headset, monitor headphones

Four reasons to fall in love with G925: 1, esports games, tailor-made - both internal and external, wise choice;
2, shape technology, the choice of the public - practical design, shocking the audience;
3, the sound is wide, clear positioning - 40mm unit, listening to the sound;
4, comfortable wearing effect - ergonomics to promote human-machine integration, suitable for long-term combat!
 The G925's good sound quality and clear positioning, the MM in the game is instantly attracted by powerful sound effects.
Technology shape - UFO cool appearance: Simple lines outline the fuselage structure, with grid design on both sides, instantly attracting the eye, let the player enter the battle state instantly.
Color interpretation: a simple shape with four colors. Players can choose the color of their love according to their preferences.
Comfortable to wear - lightweight design: ergonomic design, made of lighter materials, weighing only about 270 grams, comfortable and light for a long time, no hoop.
Intelligent adjustment suspension headrest: The intelligent self-adjusting suspension headrest greatly enhances the freedom and comfort of the earphone, making it more pressure-free.
Soft earmuffs, enhanced soundproofing: all-in-ear earmuffs are designed to fully wrap the ears, and the earmuffs have built-in soundproof sponges to make the game more focused!
User-friendly microphone - the microphone is designed with a rotary design. The flexible tube can be freely rotated and bent for easy positioning, with noise reduction effect, clear call, commanding the battle, and calling it!

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